Adds Walk Score’s and Neighborhood Map’s Widgets and Shortcodes to your Site powered by WP-Property plugin. And allows to sort and search your listings by Walk Score.

WP-Property Slideshow

Allows you to insert a slideshow into any property page, home page, or virtually anywhere in your blog.

WP-Property Super Map icon

Lets you put a large interactive map virtually anywhere in your WordPress setup. The map lets your visitors quickly view the location of all your properties, and filter them down by attributes.

WP-Property Importer

The XMLI Importer enables you to automatically import property listings directly into your website. This includes MLS, RETS, XML, CSV formats. Properties are created, merged, removed, or updated according to rules you specify.

WP-Property PDF Flyer icon

Allows the website owner to quickly generate PDF flyers, or brochures, ready for printing or download.

WP-Property Agents icon

Allows to create new Real Estate agent accounts, associate them with properties, filter properties by agent and more.

WP-Property Power Tools icon

Extra functionality which includes capability management, white labeling the control panel, and changes menu titles.

WP-Property FEPS icon

Allows to create front-end forms that facilitate a simple way for website visitors to submit, edit and delete listings from frontend. Listings can be submitted for free or you can use Sponsored Listings option via WP-Invoice add-on.

WP-Property Facebook Tabs icon

The Add-on allows you to add a tab with property listings or any other content from your website, on a Facebook Page.


Create any number of additional taxonomies and categorize your listings into search-friendly terms.

WP-Property Slideshow

Allows you to insert a responsive slideshow into any property page with lightbox option