WP-Property: FEPS

FEPS is a premium feature for the WP-Property plugin that allows WordPress professionals to create front-end forms that facilitate a simple way for website visitors to submit listings.

Using an easy-to-use interface you can select the attributes you want to display, image upload, property address, and more.


Property Form

Front End Property Submission (FEPS) allows you to create multiple forms using the interface found under Properties -> Property Forms. Multiple forms can be used to setup targeted pages that limit the number of images for the form, direct all submissions into a certain property type, or property status.

Creating Forms

Creating Sponsored Listings Forms

It enables billable Property submissions. WP-Invoice plugin and Single Page Checkout Add-on must be installed to enable this option.

Cheet Sheat for [wpp_feps_form] Shortcode

form stringnone
The slug of the FEPS form, this is required to identify which form must be displayed.
parent_id numbernoneUse to set the parent ID of all the submitted properties. This works well if you want to group all the submitted properties under a parent. For example, if you want to allow visitors to submit condos that below to a certain neighborhood, you would create the neighborhood properties, then place FEPS forms into their content.
detect_parent true/falsetrueIf set to “true”, the form will automatically detect if it is displayed on a property page, and use the current property as parent for newly added properties. If parent_id is set, detect parent does not do anything.
map_height number450pxSets the height of the address map, in pixels.
template stringnoneIf you would like to use your own template for displaying the property form, you may do so by passing a template name. For example, if you pass ‘my_layout’ the actual PHP template would need to be named feps_my_layout.php, and be located in your theme, or child theme, folder.
not_found_textstringRequested FEPS form not found.This is the text to display when the form is not found, this is only needed if a form has been deleted, but shortcodes still reference it throughout your site.

Other Available Widgets and Shortcodes


  • FEPS Information. Shows Information about current FEPS Property. It's available only for logged in users and shown only on Edit Property page.
  • FEPS Menu. It's a block menu which contains specific information (ex. Credits Available) and FEPS tools for management. Note, menu is shown only for logged in users.


  • [wpp_feps_menu] This is the same as the FEPS Menu widget above.

Shortcode [wpp_feps_menu] has the following available attributes:

  • title - Shows title of menu if attribute is passed. By Default it's empty. Example, [wpp_feps_menu title="My Submissions"].
  • filters - Shows Property overview links by Properties statuses. Available values are true|false. Default is false. Example, [wpp_feps_menu filters="true]".
  • form_page - If set, shows the link to FEPS Property Form page. Default is empty. Example, [wpp_feps_menu title="http::/example.com/my_feps_Property_form_page]".
  • show_balance - Shows user's current credits balance. Available values are true|false. Default is true. Example, [wpp_feps_menu show_balance="false"]. Note, to use this attribute, WP-Invoice plugin and Single Page Checkout premium feature must be installed.
  • show_spc_link - Shows the link to Add Credits page. Available values are true|false. Default is true. Example, [wpp_feps_menu show_spc_link="false"]. Note, to use this attribute, WP-Invoice plugin and Single Page Checkout premium feature must be installed.

Submitting Sponsored Listings and Approving Properties

Submitting sponsored property will has 3 stages.

1. You fill out the information about your property

2. Сhoose subscription plan

3.Here you can check available credits and/or add them to your account.

Notification’s Available Actions

Pending Property Approve
[user_email]Email where to send notification
[display_name]User's name
[url]Property url
[title]Property title
Pending Property Added[user_email]Email where to send notification
[pending_url]Pending Property url
[title]Property title
Pending Account Approved[user_email]Email where to send notification
[user_login]User's login
[site_url]Current site url