What We Do

To be honest, we don't care much for making logos - nor are we much good at performing acapellas. However, we are very good at analyzing and solving complex problems by developing powerful web-based solutions. Start by looking over our specialties below, or send us a message describing what you're looking for.

WordPress Development


We are best known for our CMS development skills, specifically WordPress. We have years of experience in developing and maintaining highly-rated publicly released plugins - a skill that requires very strong focus on fault-tolerant and well structured application logic.  Our developers can recite the WordPress API action load order without blinking, in reverse if necessary.

If you're not familiar with our WordPress portfolio, check out WP-PropertyWP-Invoice and WP-CRM plugins. 

Web Application & Web Services


When a requirement cannot be handled by a CMS implementation, a custom web application may be necessary. Our team members are skilled in a variety of development platforms - ranging from LAMP frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Zend, to software-as-a-service deployments powered by NodeJS and WebSockets.

Our DoDApps™ web application, built for high-security and availability necessitated by the defense industry, may be seen powering the Lockheed Martin’s SBIR Solicitations web application.

Advanced JavaScript Development


We love JavaScript and enjoy developing highly-complex JavaScript solutions. We are especially experienced with Backbone.js, Knockout, Ext JS and of course, jQuery. In general, we prefer the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) for our JavaScript applications.

A recent example of our JavaScript work can be seen in the high-speed WebSocket & ElasticSearch powered faceted search solution on the  DiscoDonnie's events,photos and videos pages. 

Web Application Deployment


Advanced web solutions require meticulously-planned and maintained hosting solutions. We’ll help you determine the optimum deployment environment for your business based on the right balance of scalability, reliability, and cost.

We are skilled with configuring, optimizing and maintaining a variety of hosting environments to include Rackspace Cloud Servers, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Cloud Services, Amazon Amazon Web Services and dedicated Linux servers powered by CentOS and Ubuntu.