WP-Property is the leading WordPress plugin for creating and managing highly customizable real estate, property management, and completely custom listing showcase websites.

Dynamic Property Listings – No Coding Required!

  • WP-Property seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, no coding required!
  • Specify search criteria and quickly sort results with a single click.
  • Standard and custom attributes at your fingertips.
  • Fully customizable dynamic filtering.

Unparalleled Flexibility – List ANY Product or Service!

  • Built for real estate, useful for everything.
  • Extremely flexible interface which lets you list products of any kind.
  • List vehicles, hotel reservations, farm animals and much more.
  • Versatile application, limited only by your imagination

More than a Plugin – A Real Estate Management System!

  • Not just a mere plugin, but a whole real estate management system at your fingertips!
  • Smooth operation, user friendly interface, comes with its own vast collection of property listing functionality and compatible premium features.
  • Expandable, customizable and fully supported by us!

Powerful Core Features!

  • WP-Property comes with a numerous array of features, like custom property types, shortcodes, automatic image resizing, instant Google map insertion in your property details page with just an address and so on.
  • Set select properties to a ‘Featured’ status with a Featured Properties Widget.
  • ‘Latest Properties’ widgets that are automatically populated as you enter new properties.Easy to use functionality and user interface will leave you wanting for more!

WP-Property: Use Your Imagination!

WP-Property’s focus on flexibility means that it’s versatile application is limited only by your imagination. To help inspire that imagination, we offer these outstanding examples of what can be done when WP-Property and personal creativity combine. Like to share an exceptional WP-Property implementation of your own? Let us know. We’d like to honor your accomplishment in the WP-Property Showcase.