WP-Invoice: PDF

Adding the PDF link to messages

To add a link to the PDF invoice / receipt to your message templates, just use the %pdf% code in a message template. It will be replaced with a link to the PDF itself, in the message's body. Note that this will not add the PDF file as an attachment to the message, but a hyperlink that leads to the PDF on your website. Attaching the PDF is not available right now, but will be coming in a future version of WP-Invoice.

PDF templates customization

Please, note, that any code customizations you make on your own risk. We won’t debug your templates if they look bad or cause issues.

  • To add new template just copy existing in /core/template/pdf_quote*.php and place it near. Rename file to something like pdf_quote_new.php and change “Template Name” inside to something like “Template Name: New One”. That’s it.
  • For customizing existing one – copy template you need to the “wpi” folder the root of your theme (Create it if it doesn’t exist) and change there whatever you need.