Default Value for WP-Property attribute

You can set up Default value for the following types of Data entry - TextArea, Number, Currency, URL and Oembed. So you can replace all existing values with particular value or set up it so just on all new properties particular attribute will be already filled.

Now content of your Real Estate Site can be Multi-lingual!

Property content and attributes can all be translated using the WPML String Translation plugin. You can place language switcher to the Menu, Sidebars, Footer area of your site. 

Filter by language in All Properties overview

The same ability to switch language also on backend at All Properties page.

When switching to the particular language whole site also become switched to that language.

Language Meta Box on Each Property Page

WPML plugin add it's own meta boxes on each single property page.

So you can duplicate property to another language, set language to the particular property and choose which attribute can be translatable.

Let's get it right this time.