Billing & Invoicing, for WordPress

How it works: you create an invoice from your WordPress installation’s admin section, an email with a brief invoice description and a unique link is sent to your client. Your client follows the special link to your blog, where their invoice is automatically displayed for them. After reviewing the invoice, your client pays their bill using a credit card or PayPal account, and you are immediately notified.

Advanced Billing and Invoicing
all within the familiar WordPress control panel.

WP-Invoice - WordPress Billing and Invoicing - and PayPal

Custom Secure Invoicing

publish after save
  • Send notifications to customers with a secured link back to the web invoice.
  • Reminders and customizable invoice and receipt templates
  • Customize the payment entry, invoice welcome line, and make administrative adjustments.
  • With premium features like PDF Invoices and Quotes, get complete control of the invoicing experience.

Multiple Payment Channels

  • Enable or limit clients to choose between PayPal and Credits cards for payments and setup a different payment option for each invoice.
  • Credit card payments can be accepted via or MerchantPlus NaviGate.
  • Recurring billing using’s ARB (Automatic Recurring Billing) feature or PayPal with Instant Payment Notification system.
  • Support for Barclay’s ePDQ and more gateways coming soon!

Much more than an Invoicing plugin

  • WP-Invoice offers you the flexibility of a smooth functioning user interface which is capable of invoice filtering, searching, invoice archiving and customizable receipts.
  • Organize and filter your client data as you want, and never miss another invoice again.
  • Just add clients and let WordPress do the invoicing for you!

Basic Settings

Translating plugins

A guide to translating our plugins and Premium Features in any language.

Getting Started with Premium Features and Themes

How to download and enable your purchased products, and manage your licenses.

WP-Invoice Settings: The Premium Features Tab

This tab show a list of purchased and non purchased premium features which are available.

WP-Invoice Settings: The Predefined Line Items Tab

These are common default services or products that you can create once and keep handy.

WP-Invioce Settings: The Email Templates Tab

Here you can create email templates that will be used for various manual and automatic notifications.

WP-Invoice Settings: Payment

This page will cover the Payments tab under WP-Invoice Settings.

WP-Invoice Settings: Business Process

This page will cover the Business Process tab, under WP-Invoice Settings.

Getting Started with WP-Invoice Settings

This page will cover settings found under the “Main” tab of WP-Invoice settings.

The Invoicing Process

Billing with WP-Invoice

This describes how we send invoice notifications and add charges, fees and tweaks.

Editing an Invoice

A complete guide explaining your first steps in the invoice creation process.

Creating an Invoice

Here are the typical steps you take when you want to create a new invoice or quote.

Premium Features

Power Tools

Single Page Checkout

A Premium Feature that makes it easy to create stand-alone checkout forms on your site.


Send quotes to your clients that can easily convert into an Invoice using this feature.

PDF Invoices and Receipts

This Premium Feature creates PDF versions of your invoices, receipts and Quotes.

Check out the Latest WP-Invoice News

WP-Invoice 3.09.4 release has been done

Updated libraries. Google Wallet deprecated and removed. Fixed issue with Stripe keys having spaces around. Fixed a lot of Warnings/Strict Standards. Added option to allow partial payments by default. Fixes to Invoice History shortcode. Fixed JavaScript jQuery deprecated code (live to on). Added 2Checkout payment gateway. Fixed WP-CRM integration. Added fix that should prevent mod_security […]

WP-Invoice 3.09.3 has been launched.

Changelog: * Fixed critical issues. * Fixed Stripe gateway’s conflict. * Fixed fatal error on sending notifications. * Updated German (DE) localization. * Updated Russian (RU) localization.

WP-Invoice has been released = Version 3.09.2 =

* Fixed simple style issues. * Fixed JavaScript issues. * Added new option which allows to set whether or not to send passwords to new users created by the plugin. * Added new option which controls compatibility mode state. May help if you have problems with invoice appearence. * Fixes to Premium Features connector. * […]

WP-Invoice Complete: The first Premium Feature bundle for WP-Invoice is out!

Today, we are happy to announce that we have added a bundle deal for WP-Invoice to our products. WP-Invoice Complete contains all the Premium Features for WP-Invoice: Single Page Checkout PDF Invoices Quotes Power Tools The great part is that with this bundle you have the full power of WP-Invoice under the hood. The even […]

WP-Invoice 3.08.0 – Added Export/Import Invoices, Internal refunds, new Google Checkout payment method

WP-Invoice 3.08.0 is released. You have many new abilities now. Here’s the complete changelog: Added Export/Import Invoices. Added Internal refunds. Added WP-Property plugin’s FEPS integration. Added new Google Checkout payment method. Added the ability to force manual payment by unchecking all methods. Fixed ‘execution time limit’ issue in high-load systems. User search UI improved. Contextual […]

Win $345 worth of premium feature licenses and support credit for WP-Invoice!

WP-Invoice 3.07.0 – Useful shortcodes, new functionality, many bug fixes

WP-Invoice version 3.07.0 is out and has a lot of fixes and improvements, including two new useful shortcodes and many other improvements including compatibility with transparent png logos for the invoice PDF, the ability to change the “from” email on invoice notifications, improved google analytics functionality and more! Here is the complete changelog: Added WordPress 3.4-RC1 compatibility. […]

WP-Invoice 3.04.2 – PDF Invoices, Quotes, Bug Fixes and UI updates

We are very happy to announce that WP-Invoice version 3.04.2 has been released! With this release, we are introducing two brand-new Premium Features, PDF Invoices and Receipts and Quotes! We have also fixed a few bugs, and improved the settings UI to make the various settings a little bit more obvious for the new users.