Branches description

v2.3 - default branch, where from we do releases

v2.0 - legacy default branch, where from we do releases, before WP-Property 2.3.0

latest - branch, where we work and test everything before to push to v2.3 This branch has a connection to pre-release updates option within plugin settings.

develop-andy - branch, which was created from latest and where Andy tested some stuff about caching, wasn't finished and wasn't tested

develop-advanced-supermap - Max, can we delete that? I see all commits in V2 and latest.

develop-formatting - Max, can you check 2 commits which were done in that branch and merge if needed or explain what that branch about and should we keep it?

v1.0 - old default branch when wp-property had premium features, not add-ons

v2.0-legacy - branch where were done some refactoring for v1 version but wasn't released because of conflicts