Error No listings are found when running the WP-Property Importer Check your Query

When receiving the following error: No listings are found when running the WP Property Importer Check your Query, please read the below information:

In some cases the Query argument must contain one of the following SystemName combinations:

  • StreetName,StreetNumber,Status;
  • APN,County;
  • Area,Status;
  • Area,Region,Status;
  • City,Status;
  • Longitude,Latitude,Status;
  • ListingNumberDisplay;
  • ListingRid;
  • MLNumber; SearchPrice,Status;
  • Region,Status;
  • Approved,Status;
  • StreetName,Status;
  • StreetNumber,Status;
  • SubdivisionNumber,Status;
  • ZipCode,Status;
  • Status,ListingRid;

These requirements usually are listed on page 3 and 4 of the RETS document