How To Replace The "Access Denied" With The Login Box In WP-Invoice?

To use the Dashboard / My Account

Step 1) Enable My Account

Step 2) Select Unified Template for Invoice Display

Step 3) Important: If you wish to modify the design - enable the local theme checkbox Important: Unless you are using a custom theme, be sure to use a child theme as otherwise these changes will be lost upon upgrade of theme

Suggestion - You may want to have these files in wp-content/uploads/wpi instead as then it becomes independent of the theme & plugin and is update safe

Step 4) I modified Dashboard to replace the Access Denied with the WordPress Login Box

Step 5) You can use Peter's Login Redirect so that after login it will auto redirect back to the dashboard

Step 6) Using Styles I have hidden the "total" as people may not realize that is the total amount invoiced, not the total amount due

Step 7) Replaced Return to Website with Logout (with Permalink) to take you back to the dashboard login