WP-CRM Settings The Roles Tab

WP-CRM Settings: The Roles Tab

This tutorial will cover the options present under the ‘Roles’ Tab in WP-CRM Settings.

The Roles Table of WP-CRM settings contains the following options:

This table is mainly used to set user role settings. It comes with a set of predefined user roles that are displayed under the ‘Roles’ heading in the table.


  • Administrator - Has all the capabilities granted to him.
  • Author- Has the capability to control editing, publishing and deleting posts.
  • Blocked- User is has no access
  • Contributor- Has the capability to read, edit posts and delete posts.
  • Editor- Has the capability to manage, moderate, publish, edit and delete.
  • Inactive- User can only read and change his password.
  • Key Master- Has the capability to administer, moderate, manage and delete.
  • Member- Has the capability to participate, edit and write.
  • Moderator- Has the capability to view users, view profiles, view messages, edit, moderate, delete and manage.
  • Subscriber


Under the Hidden Attributes heading, if you observe carefully, you will see all the Data Table attributes you set for your users. You can choose any attributes you like for a particular user role. The Capabilities heading displays what degree of control every role has.