Contextual Help Shortcode Forms

Shortcode Forms, which can be used for contact forms, or profile editing, are setup here, and then inserted using a shortcode into a page, or a widget. The available shortcode form attributes are taken from the WP-CRM attributes, and when filled out by a user, are mapped over directly into their profile. User profiles are created based on the e-mail address, if one does not already exist, for keeping track of users.

Shortcode Forms Attributes

  • display_notes = [ true | false ] — If a note exists for an attribute, it will be shown on the right.
  • require_login_for_existing_users = [ true | false ]
  • use_current_user = [ true | false ]
  • success_message = "custom text" — default value is "Your message has been sent. Thank you.".
  • submit_text = "custom text" — default value is "Submit wp-crm".
  • js_callback_function = "_custom_functionname" — default value is "false".
  • js_validation_function = "_custom_functionname" — default value is "false".

Example Usage

The shortcode can be inserted into any WordPress section that renders shortcodes.

[wp_crm_form form=example_from display_notes=true success_message="Your message was successfully sent!" submit_text="Send message!"]

If a new user fills out a form, an account will be created for them based on the specified role.

Important Notes

The user's email attribute should have slug user_email.