WP-CRM: Group Messages

The WP-CRM attribute filter can be used to create group-specific messages. You can send plain text or html to format you message as you like. After a message is sent, a log is made for every recipient, allowing you to keep track of all collaboration.


Here is a short tutorial on how to use Group Messages. CRM- Group Messages is add-on that you can buy for use in WP-CRM. Once installed, you will be able to see it in a new tab called Group Messages.

You will also see it listed in the Features tab. When purchasing the premium features, you will need to specify your domain to add the license correctly.


Under this tab, you can see the option, ‘PDF Attachment’. This option will help you select attributes from CRM/Settings/Data table that displays in PDF Attachment when message recipients include users without e-mails. PDF list of such recipients can be distributed amongst recipients with e-mails.  This is only done when your recipients do not have e-mail accounts, most of the time this feature will not be used.


Let us look at how to use forms to send group messages.

We first go to the Shortcode Forms tab, and create a new form and generate the shortcode for it. E.g. Group Message Form. We select what attributes we want displayed in the form and save. Next we go to the Notifications tab. Here, we choose the trigger action on the form and set the Subject, To, From and BCC fields and save the notification.

After doing this, we paste the shortcode we had generated on the Shortcode forms tab onto any page of your liking and publish. Now every time a user fills out the form, a notification group message will be sent to all the recipients.

Show Action

Another way to make use of the group messages feature is on the ‘All People’ option. When the Group Message plugin is enabled, you will be able to see the option, ‘Show Action’, right below the filters on the right. If you click on it, it expands to give you three option:

  • Export to CSV
  • Visualize User Data
  • Send Group Message

If you click on the third option, ‘Send Group Message’, it will open a custom, ‘New message’ panel at the beginning of the page. By default, in the, ‘ To:’ section, it will select all the users you currently have stored. You can filter these users by using the filters on the right. You can select them according to the attribute setting that are displayed on the right above Show Actions. If those attributes are not enough, you can also filter your users by typing in a word or phrase, E.g. if you want to send a group message to all users who have ‘John’ in their name, you just type in ‘John’ in the Actions tab, and the user on your left will get filtered to only those that have John somewhere in their name. You can use the Actions tab to send group message to all users say from the same company, E.g. abc technologies.

Group Message feature gives you the freedom to quickly filter through your users and send messages to only those users that you want to communicate with.