Product & Technical Support Inquiries

You may find answers to many common questions by searching and filtering through our support forums.  We intentionally do not provide support over e-mail in order to keep answers to product-related questions public, allowing other users of our software to search through the knowledge base at any time, at their convinience. To start, visit the support forum section related to the product in question:

Product Suggestions and Ideas

In conjunction with our community forums, we utilize several suggestion-oriented forums powered by UserVoice. Please submit any product-related suggestions there, the UserVoice system helps keep ideas organized, and good suggestions easier to quantify.

Premium Questions

If you would like to have one of our Staff Members assist you directly please start your forum discussion as a Premium Question, on our community forums.  If you have already purchased one of our products, you have automatically received support credit in the amount of the purchase, which may be used towards support.  Our Premium Questions are integrated into our community forums, and the answers to your questions, less any sensitive data, are publicly available for others, and yourself, to reference at any point in the future.

Consulting and Development Services

If you are interested in retaining our services, you may contact us via the web-based form below, of by phone.  Please be advised, our staff size is relatively small, and our products are popular, and if your phone call is not immediately answered, please leave a detailed voice-mail, and it will be returned in the order received. 

You may reach us at 800-270-0781, our general hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm (EST).

Please make sure you use our forums for help and support requests. For more info read our Forum and Support Policy.